Although the occupy protests, at their very core, happened for different reasons than the protests that have been on-going on college campuses across the nation (including our own), I couldn’t help but find parallels within the Manuel Castells chapter in relation to what is happening currently. Although he said himself, “This is not a campus revolt,” in some ways (to me at least), it is.

I found myself seeing similarities in the way news spread; he described it as a fire across the prairie, “full of meaning. It shows the depth and spontaneity of the protest… It also shows the seizing of the opportunity by many to voice their concerns and to discuss alternatives in the midst of a generalized crisis.” I feel that many institutions across America took what started at Mizzou and began to voice their own concerns and become stronger in sharing their experiences and trying to find amends and ways to create institutionalized change. This also, to me, was reminiscent of the Revolution 2.0 piece, and how social media and discussions can be had and can spread more and more rapidly. Although all the incidents and articles are not directly related, it is possible to spot connections that these protests have—they all start with unrest, and bravery to stand up against the norm and take a stance.


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