The guardian made a very interesting video recapping the events of the #Occupy campaign. I think what shocked me the most was that the first week of protest had little to no media attention. But as soon as videos of police brutality started to appear. The media coverage boomed and the protest went into full swing. Looking at past protests police brutality seemed to be the reason for the protest. Its interesting to see the #Occupy movement take a huge leap when police started to fight back. People seem to rally together when police try to break up the protests in a violent fashion. In my opinion this is because people view this as a way for the government to restrict their freedom of speech


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  1. hannahginsberg says:

    I think another reason the Occupy Movement received so much media attention after the video of police brutality appeared was also because of how much mainstream media loves conflict. I’m sure immediately after the video went somewhat viral news stations got ahold of the video or heard about the video they saw an opportunity for a “great news story” which is also somewhat upsetting that the news has to perpetuate so much but at the same time also helped get the movement a lot of national attention.

  2. katyschaefe says:

    I think that when police brutality was introduced to this movement, it lent them some legitimacy. People want to stand up for a cause that they feel has strict opposition because then they feel that its a cause worth fighting for. Police brutality is also a hot media topic because it demonstrates an organization doing the exact opposite of what they were sworn to do. Then, the cause received a huge amount of publicity, not necessarily for the cause but because of the brutality.

  3. nlredmond says:

    I really agree with the concept of legitimacy that I mentioned in the comment above. The cause has direct opposition, and quite frankly, police brutality is just another manifestation of the dominance of an institutionally protected and compensated group. Though those police are probably not a part of the 1%, they are a force implemented by a government made up of some of those in the 1%, designed in part to protect that 1% and interrupt those who would threaten the privileged.

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