The reading of Occupy Wall Street was interesting comparing with the previous reading Revolution 2.0. Revolution 2.0 was a book about a man starting a Facebook page for Khaled Said and trying to spread the word to the world to gain more supporters, engaging participants to be involved, and do social activisms (or standing in silence) for Khaled Said. The Facebook initiator was being the leader even though he was anonymous whereas in Occupy Wall Street was more about not having a leader and having a new democratic system. They had a system that they would use in a meeting or a discussion where everyone had jobs and not just having one leader. I think this concept of not having a leader in a activism is very interesting making people the initiators and coordinators but at the same time it worked well because it was an issue that many people in the United States were able to relate to. If there was no leader in the activism for Khaled Said, it probably would have not worked as well as Occupy Wall Street because wasn’t a daily subject that happened to many people and it requires people to spread the information and ask for action. I think these two readings were interesting to see the differences of how a social activism is organized and how to gain supporters or participants.


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  1. chloekissane says:

    It is interesting to see how two completely separate movements that were organized differently were still incredibly effective. It makes me wonder is one more efficient than the other? Does it depend on the type of social change?

  2. kthompso says:

    Something I think about a lot are leaders in social media movements. How strong is a leader, without followers? Although I do think we should praise leaders who begin these movements and stand up against injustice, I think it’s important to acknowledge the early followers who bring strength to a movement, too.

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