As we become a more and more digitally run society, media does not necessarily have the same staying power that it used to. It is becoming steadily more difficult to shock people and keep them interested in the message. We are so flooded with the grotesque and the strange, that there is very little that keeps us engaged. However, the main goal of most media producers is to keep you hooked. As a result, the most sustainable media that we have available to us today, is the media that is tailor made to you. For example, every keystroke and search you make in google is saved and chronicled in a database so that they can cater to you and your interests. Facebook does the same thing, your phone has the ability to track the places you travel to better estimate your shopping habits and places you like to eat or stop for gas. Today, sustainable media is personalized media.


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  1. zainjazara says:

    It also feels so uncomfortably invasive. I am personally super uneasy to know all my moves are tracked constantly and how well we are monitored. To go on a tangent from your point about personalized media, I find it insanely creepy how well technology can identify us (let alone track us and our habits). For example, the Facebook face recognition ability is so scary and I feel I must be the only one creeped out or else we should try and protect our privacy better.

  2. amihk says:

    I agree with you. Also the fact that the bigger number of death increasing the chance for something to be spread around the world is just sad. One murder is not satisfying for people to share on facebook, but thousands and millions of deaths makes people to share the story.

  3. kthompso says:

    It’s insane to me, also, how desperate news outlets are to get coverage of gruesome stories, because those are the things that might draw viewers in. It reminds me a lot of “Nightcrawler” (yeah, that Jake Gyllenhaal movie). It’s just a fictionalized movie, but the sentiment is real—people are actively seeking disgusting things that they can sell to us. And sadly, that actually is what sells. 😦

  4. jivikar says:

    “Sustainable media is personalized media.” You bet it is. I interned with a branded entertainment agency this summer and our CEO talked to us about how crazy technology will influence our every move and how it’s already on its way there. He talked specifically about being able to watch a TV show, whip out your phone and then buy the dress you saw your favourite star just wear in that last scene in real time. We’re filtering out more and more of the stuff that doesn’t apply to us – by watching shows online instead of on TV for example – but that just means the advertising we do experience will be extremely targeted and more difficult to say no to. This may be more work for advertisers, but it is likely they will get a higher return on investment too, so personalized content really does seem to be the future, and we’re well on our way towards it.

  5. jessicarice13 says:

    I was a marketing intern this past summer and it was so bizarre for me to be able to look at a map and see it pinpoint the general location of people that happened to be on the company’s website at that exact moment in time. I also found out that bitly links can be used to keep track of how many people are led to a company’s webpage from each social media platform or landing page created by the company (I had no idea that a link could keep track of how many people had clicked on it; who would have thought?). The degree to which we are monitored and tracked online is, as I have started to discover, quite terrifying.

  6. meganf says:

    This is so freaky but so true. It’s even more than just suggesting websites similar to ones you’ve looked at- I’ve noticed before that after looking a t-shirts on a certain website, other t-shirts from that website will start popping up in my facebook sidebar as suggestions. This always kind of freaks me out…it seems really unnecessary.

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