The Ecuadorian president since 2007, Correa, abolished the presidential limits (maximum number of terms: two four year terms) so he could be president again after 2021. When he first ran, he told many hopes to the Ecuadorian citizens, but he has only raised taxes and digging up oil from the indigenous communities. The citizens protested just two days (12/3/2015) ago in six different cities in Ecuador, including the capital Quito.

This is something that happened outside of the United States, but I thought it was interesting to see a young country (Ecuador gained independence in 1822) being able to change their governmental systems easily depending on the wants of the president and to see a massive protest in history of Ecuador when North America is also having many protests across the country.



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  1. nlredmond says:

    I’m surprised there isn’t more information or press releases about this. The one I found from a prominent news source came from Al Jazeera, which I’e always used as a resource because of the lack of American bias. The US always seems to have an opinion on the state of democratic countries, and this issue, being that multiple presidential terms are now allowed, against the people’s wishes, seems to be something we would weigh in on. I do like that the Yahoo article included a quote from a citizen, who called the governmental system for what it seems to be (a dictatorship).

  2. kthompso says:

    Thanks for sharing, Ami! I, too, think it’s good to look outside the lens of American politics and American government and see how others around the world are advocating for their rights, especially because, as stated above, American media is inherently biased. I think about how Americans are so quick to throw the word “freedom” around while still having a history of colonialism and greed. Thanks again!

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