Black Lives, Occupy Wall Street, Missouri fabricate a ’cause:’ ‘Causes’ based on emotions look more like tantrums – this is the name of an article I found recently that tries to argue that the Occupy movement, the recent protests on college campuses, #blm, Missouri, etc. all operate under fabricated causes. The author talks about the people fighting in these movements simply operating under a mob mentality. She says she thinks the movements are pointless and are not what this country, built from the moral and religious foundation of the Constitution, is meant for, etc. I’m not going to link it because it is not worth reading; however, the article got me thinking about media and social media and how they can be negatively related to these movements. This article is a prime example of the media having the power to disseminate wrong and very problematic information that has the power to change mentalities and be an detriment to social transformation. One huge example that I can think of in terms of social media is the incredibly violent comments that are placed on Facebook and Youtube. Youtube comments can be especially outlandish because there is more of an opportunity for anonymity. Twitter also has the power to be an incredibly negative force in relation to social movements, like when people create hashtags like #alllivesmatter specifically in response to #blacklivesmatter, etc. Yik Yak of course is also a prime example.


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  1. meganf says:

    I hate this!!! Honestly I think our society just does not take young people seriously, especially people of color. Any time young people try to be part of a social movement (addressing issues that are extremely important) I feel like they are not taken seriously and are thought to be going along with a “trend”

  2. gabrielledas says:

    One thing to learn from these types of media assertions is that when they are simply summarizing an event, it is important to fill in the facts for yourself rather than just accept their analysis of the situation. Occupy specifically was based off a very clear realization that 1% of the population holds a majority of the wealth in our country though this was left out of nearly all of the mainstream news stories I read on occupy and was not illuminated until I visited the tumbr Wearethe99percent for myself.

  3. jessicarice13 says:

    This is precisely the problem: people in general are too lazy to do any of the research themselves and instead get all their information from a singular or a very small number of media sources. It doesn’t matter if this source or these sources are misinformed (or purposefully misinforming the audience), the vast majority of people still take all of it in at face value. I’m not going to pretend to be innocent of this, but it’s something I am trying to become much more conscious about, whether this is in the context of smaller things or very large issues.

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