Im sure many of you have already seen or heard this but last Wednesday (12/2/2015) Mario Woods, who was a gang member in San Fransisco, was shot 25 times just because he was holding a small knife and he would not let go of it. Even though he was holding a knife, I think there was definitely another way to go about this instead of killing him with 25 gun shots. The police has rights to use guns in dangerous situations, but there needs to be a more specific rule or a common understanding on how to use guns to the citizens.


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  1. hannahginsberg says:

    I completely agree also is it ever just to shoot someone 25 times? I mean 25 bullets to a human body seems outrageous. As well as why would an officer think that what he was doing with necessary. This reminds me of very much of the Laquan McDonald murder in Chicago.

  2. doriebailey says:

    This incident is completely unacceptable, and yet, is just one of the many headlines I feel like we have been seeing more and more lately–the inappropriate use of guns (especially in large numbers such as in this case) to harm or even kill people in instances where the “crime” they are being punished for typically doesn’t warrant that kind of violent response. This is essentially death by firing squad and is absolutely the wrong way to be handling situations such as these.

  3. bobb73 says:

    Agreed, this could have been solved in so many different ways. Why was there first reaction to shoot him when he didn’t follow a direction that wasn’t threatening to an officer. Not putting down a small knife doesn’t allow the officer to shoot him. Him getting shot 25 times is the worst part. Thats an extreme amount of shooting to one man that didn’t follow an “order”.

  4. gabrielledas says:

    Our police force has no protocol for these things so that any excessive use is always justifyable. On the National Institute of Justice government page, it explains that “there is no single, universally agreed-upon definition of use of force. The International Association of Chiefs of Police has described use of force as the “amount of effort required by police to compel compliance by an unwilling subject” [1]. Officers receive guidance from their individual agencies, but no universal set of rules governs when officers should use force and how much.”
    We need to define what “use of force” means so that we can set limits that reduce excessive force.

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