I know this clip is from a comedy program, but I found it to be somewhat disturbing and relevant to the discussions we have had about the media in this class. Yes, the newscasters are all talking about pretty unimportant stuff, but the fact that they are all literally saying the same thing just shows how we are all consuming from the same one biased source, even if we think otherwise.

Clip from Conan


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  1. kthompso says:

    Wow, that’s actually so freaky. Who is writing this stuff?!!? And why is this one voice so dominant?

  2. bobb73 says:

    Thats really interesting, it is actually freaky to see every news channel say the same exact thing. I wonder what the reason for this is.

  3. jivikar says:

    I think it’s a pretty normal catchphrase for a writer to come up with when the topic is talking about buying Christmas presents for yourself, but it is pretty weird seeing that literally everyone is saying it. I’d like to know what the context for this phrase was – are the newscasters launching into a story about crazy discounts you should take advantage of / the diminishing spirit of giving surrounding the holidays today? I would be more interested to see what the follow up of this statement is, rather than the phrase itself, which, without context, is just a clever, little catchphrase, I think.

  4. doriebailey says:

    Especially as #hashtags have become so integral in the spreading of news, I don’t think it’s that uncommon to see “buzz words” being thrown around so frequently and repeatedly. However, in this case, it’s really bizarre to see how the EXACT WORDING is used so ridiculously across a lot of different networks. Unless these different news channels are deliberately using the phrasing in order to further the story or attract attention, it seems like the incessant and formulaic way that news stories are crafted and delivered really needs an update or two (…or ten).

  5. taliat says:

    To answer everyone who has responded to what I posted–I think this happens because local news affiliates take what they air from one central source, down to even specific word choices/using specific phrases verbatim. It seems relatively harmless and innocuous when the “news” stories are as mundane as the one on display here, but it becomes more sinister and worrisome when the topic changes.

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