I found the basis of the Occupy movement – a movement for the people, by the people, without leadership or singular agenda – a really interesting collectivizing strategy. In every aspect of the movement there is consciousness and built in horizontal structure.

I am now more interested in what has come out of the movement, now that it is not in full swing. Occupiers rallying around disaster relief for hurricane Sandy – for example. Or filmmakers collaborating in efforts to accurately portray the Occupy message(s). I am curious as to what other projects and connections have been made through Occupy circles. Because these Occupy groups were gatherings of similar minded people who cared about the 99% and the collective rather than individual, I think it characteristic of such a space to make connections and future collaborations. I wish there were an archive or compilation of the projects that came out of these communities – art projects, fundraisers, committees. It’s interesting to look at the Occupy websites of different locations to see how conversations have been continued. Some websites are more active than others, though. Will Occupy be revitalized? Or is it a space of the past?


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