After hearing about the death of Mario Woods, I decided to research more about what happened. I found this article which talks about how unnecessary the actions took by police officers were. In my opinion the worst part about the shooting was Mario getting shot “At least 15 times” is ridiculous.  The article talks about how each wound increases the chances of death. So shooting that many times showed that they were shooting to kill. Was this really acceptable for a person only holding a small knife?


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  1. meganf says:

    There is literally no reason anyone should be shot 15 times. I don’t understand how police officers have not been trained to NOT shoot that many times. Shouldn’t officers be shooting to injure/disarm, not kill?

  2. kthompso says:

    The murder of Mario Woods felt like a public execution. Some of the (disturbing) videos I saw showed people shouting for police to stop, yet somehow all 5 police officers felt threatened for their lives (???). In times like these, people are so quick to say, “Well, he deserved it because he was in possession of a weapon.” I don’t ever remember that possessing a weapon meant you were going to be forced to have a public execution, though.

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