I mentioned this really great NY Times article on micro aggressions and the reactions to them specifically on college campuses when we were first presenting our MAP Project in class. The video we wanted to show didn’t end up working and so I said I would put the link on our blog, but never did get around to doing that, I now realize.

Anyway, here’s the article, as well as the 3 minute video that does a powerful job of defining micro aggressions and some of their possible harmful impacts. The articles links to a lot of other helpful links that I would encourage you to check out too.


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  1. kthompso says:

    Interesting article, although I’m wearisome by some of the undertones it has. I’m not entirely sure how the writer of this article feels about the new surge in the term microagression: “What is less clear is how much is truly aggressive and how much is pretty micro — whether the issues raised are a useful way of bringing to light often elusive slights in a world where overt prejudice is seldom tolerated, or a new form of divisive hypersensitivity, in which casual remarks are blown out of proportion.” I think it’s easy for people to invalidate someone’s experience by telling them they are overreacting, and that is a powerful tool to strip someone of their own agency.

    I know I made this as a comment for your project and I still stand by it—I think it’d be good to define microagression. It’s not safe to assume everyone knows what it is or what it looks like, so if people want to submit a microaggression, it could be helpful.

    • jivikar says:

      Yes Kat, I agree. We are going to be updating the project over the break, and the first thing we will add is a definitions/resources page so that we can better communicate what we mean by the terms we use in our project. Thanks for the feedback!

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