After watching the videos made by some of the projects in our class. I decided to find more videos like them. This video i found has 14 million hits but i find it kind of disturbing. This was supposed to be a comical video from the description which I highly dislike. Its disturbing to me thinking that people watch this video to laugh.


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  1. kthompso says:

    The worst part is reading the youtube comments people make! It’s hard that these compilation videos get so many hits because people actually enjoy seeing racism spewed. It’s cool you’re trying to find more educational videos though—and it’s noteworthy to realize what sort of media we ourselves are consuming.

  2. jivikar says:

    Yeah I don’t think this is funny, but nor do I think all the moments portrayed here are racist. For example #4 is about a person, presumably of South Asian origin, who gets a question wrong on a quiz show where the answer was in fact “New Delhi.” The commentator responds “it hurts to miss that one.” As an Indian myself, yeah it may hurt a little more to get a question about my own country wrong, but so what? That’s not racist, and the maker of this video hasn’t bothered to do much research on the terms he/she’s bandying about. The click-baity headline has done much to attract the internet crowd regardless.

  3. amihk says:

    This is really sad that people watch this video to laugh. Especially number 2 when the lady imitates Chinese… I get it all the time. And people do the exact same thing to imitate Japanese and its disturbing because Chinese and Japanese don’t sound the same and people yet do it like all Asian countries speak the same language.

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