I was able to present MAP at the Media Studies classes screening on Friday, and it was great to see the response not only to our work, but to the entire class’ site, which was largely positive. Our group at any rate knows we can still improve the project and we plan to do this over break / next semester because I think we would have a lot of people who would appreciate the extra effort we put into it.*

Although I know not everyone can commit to continuing with their projects over the next semester, I think we can still do much more to draw attention to what we have accomplished together as a class so far. We would like to actively promote our class website to the 5C community as a hub for resources, creative action messages and Claremont student’s views next semester.

Please let us know if and how you would like to be included in our efforts over the coming months by commenting to this post. For example, you could just be listed as a project name / link on the posters we put up / help share our pages / events on Facebook or just volunteer to spread the word among your friends however best you can.

On a closing note, it was great to be in class with all of you. Even if we didn’t get to know each other outside of class too much, I think each person contributed to really powerful projects, and it would be a shame not to share those with the world!


*We plan to collect more diversity statistics from the various admissions offices, create a Facebook campaign, and, thanks to Gabi’s suggestion, put up some “spacially motivated” awareness posters.


PS – I’m so open to getting to know you guys outside the class! This semester was a crazy 6 courses thing, but please hmu if you ever want to grab a meal! 🙂


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  1. kthompso says:

    I just wanted to say your project is really powerful and it shows how hard you guys worked on it! Thanks for representing our class at the screening and doing a great job to shed light on the instances of racism on this campus.

    P.S. Thanks for the nod about Claudia Rankine—I actually was aware of the fact (I’m an English major!) but sadly never got the chance to take a class with her since her field is poetry and mine is fiction and non-fiction. 😦

  2. amihk says:

    Agree with Kat↑ !! Y’alls project is really interesting and I think it’ll be a great contribution to the 5C since you can see where the micro aggressions happened visually. Many people don’t understand that there IS racism here on campus. Good luck with the blog!:)

  3. gabrielledas says:

    I agree, just a day ago while in the dining hall finishing up my microagression blog, I heard too more. Calling our community out on the ways it still needs to change is a great way to push for change. Its really important that we continue to challenge each other and our piers outside of this class!

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