I was inspired to share this video I just came across by a video that Bobby posted earlier this week. This video below outlines 70 instances (of what I can only assume is a small fraction of all the blatantly problematic things they say) of Fox News allowing sexist contributors or content to permeate the network. Here’s the video for reference:

While I’m not surprised to see that a majority of these comments are made by white men, I was disappointed to see so many females making comments like these. Even more worrisome is that, as we all know, a large population of this country gets their news from this channel, and the sexist (not to mention racist, as we have seen in other examples in class) content embedded within the programs themselves only perpetuates these ideas further, especially since they aren’t always blatantly sexist.

Another thing to consider is the vilification of Fox News as being the only problematic network on television. I’m sure similar reels of frustrating anchors saying really hurtful things could be assembled from any one of the other main networks: we even saw some in class. But, as their reputation proceeds them, I think Fox usually gets the blame for being the worst network on TV, but, in reality, it is the even subtler instances of these kinds of comments that can be found on more liberal news networks that is doing much of the damage to the general public.


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  1. taliat says:

    Whether or not we are comfortable admitting it, women are sometimes the source of sexism and problematic conversations around gender (and to be clear, I’m not talking about the notion that women can be “sexist” towards men, I reject this notion as it implies societal power that does not exist, it’s the same distinction between racism and prejudice). I am especially disgusted by the female reporter who blames a female teacher going after a young male student on feminism. SERIOUSLY?!

  2. gabrielledas says:

    Yes! Other networks are using more coded language and discussions of racism, sexism, etc. whereas Fox is very overt in their opinions. While this is surely problematic, I find it equally as problematic that democrats are being “tricked” into believing they are watching non-bias news because it is more under the radar.

  3. jessicarice13 says:

    This is something I really worry about. As someone who grew up being exposed to a lot of very liberal opinions, I have a very hard time seeing channels like Fox as anything but laughable or offensive. However, I think as soon as a person starts only consuming either very liberal or very conservative things, it becomes harder to see that the side you have taken also has its own flaws because all that you see is how awful the opposing side is. Blindly consuming news from a singular source helps create a culture of misinformation and ignorance; instead, we must remember to look critically and encourage others to do the same.

  4. meganf says:

    It makes me so upset when women contribute to sexism. No woman is free from experiencing sexism, so the fact that some women force themselves to ignore it and then help contribute to it is so hard for me to understand. As women we need to do more to build each other up, not tear one another down.

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