I came across this Coke ad about a year ago, and shared it on my personal Facebook page because I thought it was powerful and moving. It basically shows the installation of a new Coca Cola telephone booth that allows workers to pay for calls home using bottle caps instead of money.

As a resident of Dubai, I have seen and heard first hand of how difficult the lives of constructions workers here are.  Regardless of the ulterior motives and/or image building focus of this initiative, I think such ads are ultimately a good thing and do have a positive impact in the lives of the workers we see in the ad.

I don’t know how many of these machines have been installed, and that is quite an important factor to keep in mind, but I would much rather see ads like this that prompt viewers to think of the hardships others face rather than brainwash viewers into singing the catchy jingles repeated by affluent, “ideal” families onscreen. I know advertising will never stop, and I would much rather support unique and innovate ads that can support social causes as well as consumer brands over those that just encourage the wealthy to increase their wealthiness further.



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