I came across this great site titled “How Many People Have Been Shot in Your Neighborhood This Year?” It’s an invaluable resource that reminded me of many of the principles and techniques our class used to create our group projects. Please do check it out – you will undoubtedly be surprised, and probably not in a good way. This is an amazing example of the impact media can have when its makers co-opt causes and push for change in their own, unique ways.

Here’s a short excerpt from the site as well;

“Public opinion polls show that Americans are concerned about gun violence in general and dramatically under- or misinformed about its specific consequences. Asked in an October Washington Post/ABC News survey, 46 percent of Americans called new laws to reduce gun violence a priority. Those queried separately by the Huffington Post that same month grossly underestimated the number of Americans who died by guns, with the median guess coming in at 5,000 per year, less than a sixth of the actual total.

The interactive map included in this article is the result of a collaboration between Slate and the Trace, employing the aforementioned Gun Violence Archive data. It represents an attempt to close the gap between awareness and understanding. When shooting deaths and injuries are laid out geographically, one is able to assess first the sweeping reach of gun violence, and then its pernicious patterns, the dots growing ever denser as the reader scans from the countryside to the suburbs to the inner city. Finally, mapping gun violence this way makes it possible to see how often it has played out in your own neighborhood, town or city, and state—and how close it has come to touching the routes you travel in your own life, as well as those of your family members, friends, and co-workers.”


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