I hadn’t heard of Sister Souljah before, but simply had to look her up after seeing this clip that was shared by one of my friends on Facebook. According to Wikipedia, she is an author, activist, recording artist, and film producer who also has a very eloquent way with words…

Sister Souljah’s words are not only powerful themselves, but she speaks with an authority that is extremely attractive for those looking for a figure to follow. Listening to her made me think of why having strong leadership is so important. Having one or two people as the face of  a movement can be extremely instrumental in boosting morale and rallying the troops, so to speak.

The We Are All Khalid Said page didn’t identify with a single leader, but still had a single administrator whose voice became the spokesperson for the views of the majority. On the other hand, the Occupy movement was much more decentralized and this has been attributed as one of the causes of its failure to bring about concrete change. Even though democracy is seen as the most desired form of government worldwide, most countries still elect prime ministers or presidents that embody the ideals of democracy themselves.

Is it human nature to want to look up to one or two key figures that lead the charge or can we ever move to a truly leaderless society? Can the equalizing power of technology change the way we choose those in power or does it only lend itself to the further emergence of pioneers and innovators that seem to separate themselves from the crowd?


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