This past summer, on Facebook, there was a huge debate after a student posted about how they were looking for a house mate, and looking for POC only. One of the first comments a student posted was that housing segregation is illegal. I was looking on trending topics on Facebook, and saw that California State University will be providing segregated housing for black students to provide them with a safe space to live.

Media nowadays has its pros and cons with issues like this. It can do good and spread awareness to the public about issues that need to be brought out to them- for example, a couple programs part of the Ontario Program help with issues such as promoting the different propositions relating to criminal justice, and another one helps formally incarcerated people get back into society. , but it can also cause backlash (like in this debate where students’ quotes were taken for other purposes).




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  1. kristenhong says:

    When talking about pros and cons social media can bring to a topic, one issue stands out to me. NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick decided to sit down during the national anthem as a display of solidarity for people of color and protest the oppression of African Americans. However, this act has drawn both criticism and praise by different people. For example, NBA forward Kevin Durant and point guard Steph Curry have backed Kaepernick. However, many men, women, and servicemen believe that Kaepernick should stand up to show respect for the men and women who have fought for our country.

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