Growing up in China, I never indeed truly had experiences related with racism or being a part of the minority group. After I came to America, this “shift” from the majority to the minority made me think what it means to be a part of the minority group. Both African American and Asian are parts of the minority, but unlike the protest movements such as “Black Lives Matter”, the protest organized by Asian people are relatively rare and less influential.

Black people started their protests long time ago, although racism still exists in this society, but at least more and more people are already aware of this issue. Millions of African American people in this country used decades to push the movements and people’s awareness.

Why aren’t Asian also fighting for their own rights when unfairness happens?

Well, I think the answer is, we should start with reinforcing our self awareness of being “minority” and the meaning of “rights”. To me, because most of the Asian countries are not multi-racial, people are lack of the awareness of being the racial minority.

I remembered a news happened this summer in LAX, the reports said a Chines female tourist slapping a duty-free worker after lost her credit card. The news was rapidly spread on the Internet in China. Regardless of what truly happened and the fact behind the case, people were being extremely critical towards this woman. Extremely negative and offensive comments were posted; people were event posting comments like, “Chinese people are lack of manner. ”,”Chinese people are always embarrassing themselves in front of Americans.”, “Chinese are annoying.”, etc.

After thousands of comments like above, it turned out that the truth wasn’t like what people expected. According to the witnesses, The woman didn’t “slap” the worker and there is a chance that the worker was actually trying to hide and steal the credit card from this woman. The woman is currently trying to make a plea of not guilty to the court.

If this is the truth, why don’t people fight for their rights? Instead, there is barely no one standing out and pursuing for the fact; people were blindly criticizing this woman. How can Asian gain their equal chance and rights if they are not even trying to help their own people? I’d say this should be the first thing that Asian needs to achieve as a minority group.


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