Tim Wise’s film ‘White Like Me’ got me thinking about whether I had seen many other videos discussing white privilege in the same educational manner as him. In 2015 MTV released a short documentary called ‘White People’ where they interviewed and spoke with many young people about what it means to be white. This was sometimes uncomfortable to watch as they felt pressure to say the right thing and it was even hard to try and explain to some people the privilege their skin colour gives them. Overall it puts forward a similar message to ‘White Like Me’ but comes across in a slightly more dividing way. Wise seems to be able to not only strongly and emotionally deliver the message of the rooted problems of racism but encourages those to take action and talk about it again, not just pretend we live in a colour-blind society.

This reminded me of another video that was circulating my social media recently about a mixed race women using white privilege. This sounds like an strange concept but Joy Degruy spoke of her sister-in-law who got preferential treatment at a shop because of her lighter skin tone. Instead of allowing this systematic racism to go by unquestioned she stood up for Joy to make the situation right again. Joy comments on the fact that if she herself had said something the reaction and impact would have probably been very different.  This is actually a clip from a film called ‘Cracking the Codes’ which I myself have not seen yet but intend to.


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  1. maddieglouner says:

    These film clips are really good to know about, just the title of White People reminded me of the film that came out a couple years ago called Dear White People. While this film was not a documentary or based on a true story it calls attention to the racism and discrimination that happens in our societal institutions and sheds light on on black student experiences in such white privilege dominated spaces, like higher education institutions. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already seen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwJhmqLU0so

  2. ddmaoz says:

    Thank you for sharing these videos. I think that videos such as this are important for allies to be able to engage with a conversation about race and their privilege while not taking up space in conversations that need to be centering experiences of POC. The internet, containing accessible videos and articles such as this, opens up such a crucial space for white people to engage with understanding the operation of systems of oppression as well as their own privilege, without burdening POC and demanding that they educate them about their experiences of oppression.

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