While watching Man with a Movie Camera, I found it really entertaining how Vertov would bring his camera everywhere, and how they would distract subjects while filming them. This made me think of the progression of cameras today- companies make cameras that are so small they are easy to hide, and other technologies such as Google Glass, where you can easily put a camera on and people may not even realize. It’s pretty scary to think what cameras and recording devices are going to be like in the future. And this taps into privacy issues. Again, there are obvious benefits to this progression in technology, but there are downsides as well, and questionable legality behind the invasion of privacy of individuals. After watching the movie, I was imagining if someone did that today, the negative reactions they would get because recording people without their consent or knowledge is very much invading one’s privacy. And I imagined Vertov using a camera such as Google Glass, which has had a lot of backlash because of the privacy aspect, as depicted in this article.




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  1. kristenhong says:

    When thinking about privacy, the Patriot Act is one of the first things that pops into my mind. The Patriot Act allows law enforcement officers to search a home or business without the owner’s consent or knowledge and also obtain telephone, e-mail, and financial records without a court order. It is definitely scary knowing that the government can be watching and listening to you with absolutely no knowledge of it.

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