Upon reading Vertov’s poetic and often times humbling rhetoric surrounding his use of the camera as a medium put the movie into incredible context for me. I this year felt I received an art education for the first time upon studying in Paris, where the history and the artist’s perspective and as we said in class ‘the artist’s hand’ aids in the experience of digesting the work an inexplicable amount for me. It also was quite interesting to read the translated Russian version because I have never really read anything from the Russian tongue, and seeing how those thoughts and images were formulated and the tandem combination of the film with the writing amounted to a beautiful understanding of cinema veritè.

On a separate note, utilizing “The Medium is the Message” forces us to think beyond the typical confines of propagating media, especially when considering our final project, and further expanding this concept, it’s incredibly important to define the medium. The vastness of platforms available at this moment almost make this task dauntingly haunting, and considering the seemingly endless amounts of ways humans are tied to their technology at this point in time feels overwhelming.


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