After watching Man with a Movie Camera and reading about Vertov and his ideas, you can really see the culture of the time seeping through. Specifically, you see the idea of utopia being very present in both his film and ideas. The Marxist, communist, ideology is based around a Utopian society where everyone lends a hand, no one suffers, and it largely ignores human nature and depends on the absence of corruption. You can see this utopia displayed throughout the aesthetics of the film, the shots of machinery and the futuristic looking city paying homage to the importance of the labor force. Even with the Kinoks you see an attempt to be perfect with a shift to only fact based documentaries and abolishing all other forms of film. It’s once again ignoring human nature because film, as an art, doesn’t always connect with people through hard facts, but sometimes connects with people through symbolism or hypothetical plot lines. Look at every successful propaganda film that’s ever come out, it isn’t always about beating people over the head with facts and data; it’s about evoking emotion and making people feel attached, whether that’s used for good or bad. Vertov wanted the camera to be a recording of the human eye and show the world for what it is, but sometimes film shows us the world for what it is by looking beyond what the human eye can see.


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