While watching Man With a Movie Camera, I was very surprised by how creative and divergent the film was from any other film I’ve seen. Not only was it non-linear and lacking a storyline, but its subjects were not hired actors but rather everyday people living in Russia. However, it was unlike a reality show or documentary; I was taken aback by how used to the formulaic movie and tv industry I was that I hadn’t even thought of many of the ideas executed in Man with a Movie Camera.

In addition, I was surprised that the film was a pro-soviet Union film. When he was filming the quick-moving hands doing repetitive, grueling work, and also demonstrating that the upper-class individuals were being served by the working class, I interpreted the film as challenging the ideology of Soviet Russia, and commenting on the gap between the upper and working class while critiquing industrialization.I can also see how he was portraying some aspects of industrialization as positive, I think that watching any act being repeated for an extended amount of time leads to the audience critiquing and challenging whatever process is being done. My question is, did anyone interpret Vertov’s film as subversive, or has everyone accepted it as pro-soviet union/industrialization film?


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