I am having such a visceral reaction right now to watching these two pieces in tandem that I had no where to turn to but the blog. I am writing my thesis about the prospect of the iPhone being a tool of cultural appropriation, and essentially all of my classes are culminating around the image versus reality dichotomy that America has created and thus has protruded from our borders into the global sphere. What’s making my skin crawl upon watching these films is the inevitable destruction that these forms possess–and what’s making it hurt more is how seemingly easily American’s are deceived by this visual culture and imagery narrative. How have we been so blind as to fail to see the repercussions to these actions? We have created a sociological fabric that is woven together by pixels and broken ideologies, patterned by a dystopian and detached population of individuals, and powered by consumption (not to mention the greed). We assign truth to talking heads, rather than investigation. We deem ourselves the highest nation, yet give our power to men who like blowing things up. For what? Oil, money, spectacle, Americans to believe their narrative because they’re so dim that they forget to ask why? For almost a century we have sat back and allowed our capitalist and more recently neoliberalist notions seep into the global sphere, and turning the world American will be no one’s fault but our own.

Sorry for the rant, didn’t know where else to turn.


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