Since the day TV was introduced to people’s life, it has always been functioning as a major tool conveying messages to the audience. TV is a medium connects people to the dominant group, just like what we learnt on class, “what appears is good and what good appears”. Because TV is shaping audience all the time as it keeps redefining what is “good”, audience becomes the product of TV, corresponding with the screening “Television Delivers People”we watched on class. “Television Delivers People” demonstrates how audience becomes the product of TV directly. One of the unique characteristics of TV is its far range of influence on its audience as a mass media and it directly and indirectly masses of people. It seems audience is consuming products through the commercials on TV, but actually the audience is consumed by the advertisers.

Just like the reality TV show “Keeping Up with Kardashian”, Kim Kardashian and her family has already built an empire successfully. By 2015, Kardashian’s net worth has already reached 52.5m USD. Not only the TV series succeed, but also “the Kardashian” has already became a lifestyle. Kim Kardashian was first famous for her sex tape, which was definitely being regarded as a scandal, but as the Kardashians started their own reality TV shows and being exposed  more often on TV, Internet and other social media, this “Kardashian Lifestyle” is pursued by more and more people. The more often the Kardashian “advertised” themselves through TV, the “better” they become and the more audience is consumed by them. People start to post comment like “I wish I was one of the Kardashians”; the Kardashians gained such a huge success because they know how to advertise themselves to people through the most direct and effective medium—TV and other social media networks.


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  1. palomapineda19 says:

    I think the concept of infomercials is a really interesting concept when studying how we are the product of TV. As you noted, TV shapes and defines its audience, and thus consumerism is inherently linked to television and the TV shows that we consume on a daily basis. Infomercials are a prime example of how much we can be influenced by effective marketing – whether it be a cleaning or cooking tool – infomercials have this power to instill a “want” and “need” in the eye of the consumer.

    Along with your points on the Kardashians, TV personalities also have a strong command over the American audience. From our readings this week, I think this goes hand in hand with the “commodity fetishism” where we always have this desire to attain something physical or be someone that we are not – similar to the “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality.

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