I already posted my weekly blog post, but wanted to share this powerful video released by BBC  Media Action.


We talked a lot about the spectacle this last week, and how our being has slowly turned into  our need to have and need to be seen. Our need to be seen makes it so we try to catch many of our lived experiences on our mobile devices, through pictures, tweets, or texting. The development of media technologies has made it so many of our most important relationships and experiences are mediated through our mobile phone device.

On a different note, the development of media technologies has also meant that we are “hyper-connected” to images from around the world. Images from war-zones are widespread in our news and in our feeds. So much so that it looks as though we have become desensitized to images of the refugee crisis, unable to fully comprehend the full human experiences implicated in people’s journeys to safety.

I think this video is a brilliant way to mitigate these two factors and be able to somewhat connect the media consumer to the experiences of refugees. Of course, this doesn’t even begin to describe the fear, confusion and frustration refugees experience as they seek a safe home for themselves and their families, but this video is a brilliant way in trying to connect the desensitized media consumer into an experience they might not be able to otherwise imagine.


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  1. kristenhong says:

    This video shifts the perspective so we have a small glimpse into the lives of refugees. Social media can be powerful when shifting perspective like in the silent film we watched for the screening.

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