Our class readings this week heavily focused on our capitalist media culture, the SI organization, and how capitalism and the spectacle of commodity has allowed for a universal separation in western culture. But our Debord readings and class discussion for Wednesday really resonated with me in recognizing how our media today still dominates the commodity culture we live in.

Our reading in Separation Perfected explained that the spectacle-what everyone is trying to be or achieve through their constant consumption of commodities–  is merely a socially constructed relation among people that is composed and mediated by image. In fact, spectacle is “the heart of the unrealism of the real society” (Debord, 6). This immediately made me think of our social cultures current obsession with social media, particularly Instagram, and your own social media presence. Phrases like “do it for the insta” and the importance we put on “insta-fame”, “likes”, and “followers” have become a large part of this generations social culture. People spend hours posing, cropping, and filtering their posts. A new generation of instafamous people have emerged-people who get paid thousands of dollars to make their life a spectacle, or at least seem like it. For example, the commodity that is the Kardashian empire-some of the most successful Instagramers in the entire world. They are the epitome of spectacle as a result of commodity culture. Their posts are crafted through products, designer brands, and luxury goods. People love them, hate them, want to be them, meet them, ignore them, whatever your opinion may be, the Kardashians have undoubtedly dominated our social culture by allowing their whole lives to become a spectacle. They are the prime example of how dominant commodity culture is in our society.





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