The thing that stood out to me most in this week’s readings and screenings was the concept of Detournament. To me, the concept is somewhat uplifting because it is something that anyone, even single individuals, can partake in. I personally find myself getting quite overwhelmed reading and thinking about how our world has become so dominated by the Spectacle and Commodity Culture. It seems like the more I learn about it, the more powerless I feel. It seems like there is no escape.

That is why it was refreshing to learn about the concept of Detournament. Something as simple as walking through the streets can work to chip away at the dominant paradigms of the Spectacle. I especially enjoyed the clip about the Barbie and GI Joe dolls. These forms of Detournament are not harmful to anyone, and can even play a role in allowing others to see past the Spectacle themselves, which was the case with the children who ended up with the switched dolls. It might not make a long lasting change, but at least there is something one can do to detach from Commodity Culture for a while.


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