Along with this class I’m a part of the Ontario program and we are constantly talking about the global industrial complex. I didn’t realize until a few weeks in but these classes seem to complement each other very nicely especially when we discuss the idea of advertisement and how it effects our perception of essentially everything. I was reminded of this one night while with some friends getting gas and the gas pump had a small monitor with advertisements playing while the gas was being pumped. Something that my professor continues to refer back to is this idea of 24 hour capitalism. Its something unique to the information age that our society is currently in. It’s the fact that our senses are constantly being attacked by consumerism and capitalist ideas and how we are always connected to the world. We are constantly checking our phones whether its email or text or social media. not only is it our checking but the speed of responses especially when it comes to email or text. Prior to these devices people only interacted when they were face to face or through the phone and even Professor Lamb said that being a professor was much easier before and that’s understandable because once you left campus students really had no way of contacting you. Now in the present day we are connected in many different ways and we can shoot an email to a professor to explain something. This not only goes for a professor student relationship but any relationship now. this is why the idea of helicopter parents have become so prevalent and why people are in constant work mode. In a world where we are constantly connected we are expected to be in work mode rather than enjoying life.

I think that this relates to what Guy Dubord discusses in his Society of the Spectacle. The shift from survival to commodity seen a shift to mass production of material goods and a focus of people being workers only until the industry decided that it was necessary for the worker to make the product and consume it as well. the introduction of advertisement further pushed commodity and this society of wants and desires. A society where we as a consumer never feel adequate. We can never live up to the expectations of our society so we develop a self hate that advertisements feed off of. Using our self hate to sell a product the industry is able to sell their product as an answer to the consumer’s problem when they know it won’t help.

Currently, I think that our society is in a transition from a dependence on goods to a dependence on services and Dubord notes that in Society of the Spectacle in section 45 Saying “the technical equipment which objectively eliminates labor must at the same time preserve labor as a commodity and as the only source of the commodity ..Services, the tertiary sector, swell the ranks of the army of distribution and are a eulogy to the current commodities”. The “technical equipment” Dubord is referencing is automation. As we’ve shifted from human workers to automated labor we’ve seen an increase in the higher education push and well as a decrease in the societal view of any blue collar workers. Our society is transitioning, or has transitioned, into a service based society where the human beings, especially college educated professionals, have become the desirable occupation. They have become what all should strive for and if they aren’t at that level then that self hate becomes a reality for the younger generation. So now we must constantly be connected to the world as if we, the humans, have come the machines that our society uses to create capital. We are constantly networking and working to reach goals set by  others until we achieve a degree and are able to provide a service for others to pay for. We as professionals become the good. Working constantly to appeal to the needs/wants of our society. It’s an interesting idea and it’s crazy to see how dubord’s words are becoming reality.


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