I found the Chris Burden ads from Wednesday’s class to be a fascinating use of subversive media. By creating advertisements that are downright odd and uncomfortable to watch, he is able to disrupt a viewer’s relationship with the media they are absorbing, and make them think twice about what they may be watching. It made me think of how subversive advertising like Chris’ could be used today as part of the BLM movement. I tried to do a Google search and see if such a thing has already been done, but I couldn’t find anything. If anyone has seen anything like that, please let me know – I feel like it could be an incredibly effective tool that could be used not only in traditional media (such as television advertising) but also as a way to disrupt the monotony of Facebook/Twitter newsfeeds and make people look twice at the media they are engaging with.


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  1. alicecmullin says:

    This is a really interesting idea and I’d like to hear more about it if you come across anything!

  2. maddieglouner says:

    This is really interesting. Although the example I am about to give is definitely not an advertisement, I think it is a good example of using subversive media as a call to action on social media platforms. When I read this post it made me think of the videos circulating Facebook and online of the police brutality that has been going on in the US. One of the most recent ones was a video shot by the girlfriend of a black man who was shot by a policeman in his car during a minor traffic stop. This video is horrific and dehumanizing, yet it has called a lot more attention to police brutality and the BLM movement by making people look twice at this media coverage.

  3. emacune says:

    I also think that using Chris Burden’s ideas for Black Lives Matter would be very interesting. Something that came to mind when reading your post is a GIF that I have seen several times on Facebook that just repeats #BLACKLIVESMATTER over and over again. This reminded me of Chris Burden’s ad where he constantly repeats his name after those of extremely well known artists. By constantly repeating something and putting it in the middle of your normal Facebook feed, I feel like it helps to break away your attention.

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