After talking about detournement in the context of our readings and seeing detournement in action in Chris Burden’s commercials and in The Iraq Campaign video, I was incredibly amazed at detournement’s influential impact on myself and its potential impact on society because I have often heard rhetoric about the the master’s tools not being useful in destroying the master’s house. This is a reference that relates back to systematic racism and systematic disadvantages, and that we cannot defeat systematic racism within our current system of operation because the system that creates this institutionalized racism does not allow for that racism to be destroyed unless you change the whole entire system through which this racism operates. Although, I feel that in a way, detournement is using the master’s tools (or the tools that the groups in power use to control the masses) to take down the master’s house (or the norm of a certain group being in control.) Detournement makes use of normalized media that is already out there and alters it in a way to create a message that deviates from the norm and criticizes power structures. I think that the idea of making use of normalized media that people are already familiar with and understand allows for more people to be impacted by change within the same medium, which seems more powerful and relatable than creating a whole new medium that people have to learn to understand and become accustomed to.


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