One of the slides that caught my eye during class was the one that showed that situationist comics because as someone mentioned, they looked a lot like the memes currently circulating on Facebook and Twitter.  I found this to be an interesting relationship because people are trying to get their messages across in a format that is accessible to today’s online users and given that memes have gained popularity, they have become the perfect medium for this. One of my favorite examples is the page Wokémon on facebook because it has a taken a topic that is currently very popular, Pokémon, in order to share messages like the following:



Before learning about the Situationist comics I thought that this form of spreading awareness was a result of today’s online community so it was interesting to learn that this form of expression had been done before and for similar reasons (accessibility).


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  1. emacune says:

    I think that it’s really great that there are still forms of SI comics around today like these memes. they definitely still play a role in making people stop and think when they are scrolling through their normal time line. I really think that memes like these could be extremely beneficial in the Black Lives Matter Movement.

  2. krystalyiranli says:

    I think this is definitely interesting, how the medium that conveys messages changes over time. Comics has always been one of spectacles and as there are more new things being introduced to our life, the content of the comics might change, but the purpose stays the same. This kind of popular comics serves much more effective today because it will automatically catches people’s attention.

  3. oliviaklugman says:

    Love it! One of my friends mentioned that memes were mindless forms of internet procrastination, and I tried to explain to him how they were subversive and derivative of Situationist comics but he never ended up agreeing with me.
    I was also wondering, in this case, how comedy/randomness functions as an effective or ineffective method of conveying a message.

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