Recently there have been many movements in the sports world surrounding social change. From the Colin Kaepernick protest to programs like Breaking Barriers which uses curriculum based on baseball and values exemplified by Jackie Robinson to deal with obstacles. Through baseball themed activities the Breaking Barriers program gives children in fourth to ninth grade strategies to deal with barriers and challenges faced in real life. This program emphasizes values demonstrated by Jackie Robinson such as determination, commitment, persistence, integrity, teamwork, justice, and teamwork.





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  1. palomapineda19 says:

    I think the relationship between sports and BLM is something that is interesting to trace through history. Adding on to the points you brought up in your presentation, I think it would be fascinating to explore how athletes leverage their network to promote and publicize social movements. Athletic events are already a spectacle and has a large media presence across a variety of mediums – television, radio, and print journalism. How does the media exposure that athletes receive (such as Kaepernick) enable them to further promote the mission of Black Lives Matter?

    I think it would also be fascinating to explore social movements across a variety of sports. You brought up baseball, but are there other movements relating to BLM in sports that haven’t received as much publicity? Are there female athletes promoting the BLM movement? I think all of these questions will be central to exploring how the spectacle of sports has brought BLM to the forefront of mass media.

  2. carlywinant says:

    I agree. Sports are widely known and broadcasted, making them great platforms to get messages across, especially through the athletes themselves. I’m curious too about what it’s like among different sports and how certain athletes choose or don’t choose to use their public appearances for social change.

  3. krystalyiranli says:

    Definitely agree with you. Because sport is a spectacle that being broadcasted through various mediums, sport is one of the major ways to protest against unequal rights. I am also wondering besides BLM, is there any other sports medium people used or are using to protest? Is there any difference between different sports protest? I think it would be really interesting if you can talk about various sports and compare the differences and similarities between them.

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