South Park aired an episode on September 14th, which touched on Kaepernick’s national anthem protest. South Park reaches a worldwide audience and through its humour, it speaks specifically to the younger audience that watches the show.

This was a jab at the over-the-top media coverage Kaepernick’s action of kneeling has received rather than the actual message and conversation he’s trying to promote. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have used this cartoon as a platform to make politically charged statements since the shows beginning in 1997, specifically using satire. In this episode, they successfully advocate that there is a need to place less focus on the action of kneeling, and more on the issues with police brutality that Kaepernick is protesting for. And because of the global audience, this allows for knowledge of the protest to spread.

I’ve attached a video from the episode where the crowd sings to the tune of Star Spangled Banner.

I’ve also attached the lyrics since the video is quite hard to understand.

“Colin Kaepernick is great.
Cops are pigs, cops are pigs.
Wait, someone just took my stuff, I need to call the cops.
Oh, no, I just said cops are pigs.
Who’s gonna help me get my stuff?
Why did I listen to Colin Kaepernick, He’s not even any good.
Oh, I just got all my stuff back
Cops are pigs again, cops are pigs.
Colin Kaepernick’s a good backup…”


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