There is a quote from the reading “Towards to Third Cinema” by Fernando Solanas and Octavio Getino—“In order to impose itself, neocolonialism needs to convince the people of a dependent country of their own inferiority. Sooner or later, the inferior man recognizes Man with a capital M; this recognition means the destruction of his defenses. If you want to be a man, says the oppressor, you have to be like me, speak my language, deny your own being, transform yourself into me.” This quote directly represents the most bars and fundamental idea of “Neocolonialism”. Unlike the “Colonialism” which is reinforced through the use of arms and violence and the occupy of territory, “Neocolonialism” is reinforced through the destruction of ‘inferior people’’s individual thoughts. I would say it is definitely more hegemonic and brutal; the dominant thought is colonizing people’s mind, depriving thinkings that are not harmonic with the ruling idea. Under this circumstance, “Inhibitions, uprootedness, escapism, cultural cosmopolitanism, artistic imitation, metaphysical exhaustion and betrayal of country” are developed. The culture of the colonized and semi-colonized country meets each other, stimulating the creation of a ‘new’ culture which is dominated by the ruling class that cannot be supervised. This destruction and reconstruction of thought is the purpose of Neocolonialism, started from people’s childhood, as soon as they have access to the media, the message of being “inferior” is conveyed through cinema, art, science, culture, etc. The “inferiority” is rooted deeply in people’s mind as they grow up. In order to being a part of the society as a “Man”, they have to be transfer themselves into the dominant class, becoming a part of the hegemonic system; this is how “Neocolonialism” works—the ruling class occupies the mind in order to impose their hegemony from the root of human being.


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