Santiago Álvarez’s painful and effective video “Now” is a heartbreaking reminder, of how far we have not come in a lot of ways. Watching the violent and disturbing images in the video, the photos were shockingly familiar. I had to remind myself that the video was made fifty-one years ago. In this climate of great tension across the country, regarding the appalling number of shootings of African Americans by police officers, Álvarez’s video is disturbingly current. Simply by going to Google, anyone can find tons of images within the last year that are frighteningly identical to the ones Álvarez used. The use of Lena Horne in the video really drives this film home considering Horne was a life long activist, and the song “Now” had been banned in the US (if I’m remembering that correctly). She sings, “The message of this song’s not subtle,” and nor should it be. America needed to hear it in 1965, and they still need to hear it in 2016.


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  1. alicecmullin says:

    I totally agree. While I was watching it I was thinking about how this exact piece could be recreated today. That’s very upsetting to hear that her song was banned in the US.

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