So this whole week we focused on the history and context of third cinema, and how this form of media can apply to decolonization of particularly Western white patriarchal culture over minorities. This idea of decolonization really resonated with me after reading Talking Race and Racism by Bell Hooks, because this sort of “colonization” is a part of every aspect of society and institutionalism that I have witnessed and experienced firsthand. Hooks explains how most people in the US don’t believe is racism anymore…white people believe that they are “beyond race”, by refusing to acknowledge any sort of systematic racism that has allowed white culture to remain dominant. Millions believe that since they are not witnessing blatant racism in their predominantly white suburban bubble, that racism no longer exists. Hooks’ call to action requires us to dismantle this method of white supremacy by changing our behavior and language surrounding race-which is not an easy thing to do. This particular passage reminded me of the controversy behind the #blacklivesmatter, and subsequent #alllivesmatter hashtags circulating media platforms. People, white people specifically, who believe race is no longer an issue in this country have been standing behind #alllivesmatter as an attempt to dismantle and discredit any amount of social power and influence that the black community is fighting for. This is a form of modern day denial and colonization of minority voices. One way to help dismantle this white supremacy is to stand with minority communities as allies, no matter what your race is , and recognize the inherent institutional racism that minority groups face every day in this country in order to break the ignorance that race is no longer an issue in our society (link below on racism behind #alllivesmatter)


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  1. alicecmullin says:

    This is a really good point. The #alllivesmatter hashtag is so frustrating and harmful and I think you make a good point in relating it back the discussion of neocolonialism.

  2. emacune says:

    I also agree with what you are saying. I think that all this talk of white supremacy alludes to the importance of safe spaces and campaigns centered around specific groups, rather than everyone. #BlackLivesMatter is important because it is not discrediting the importance of other lives, but is singling out those who have been marginalized in the first place and that is why the hashtag is so important.

  3. kristenhong says:

    In Methodologies, another class I am taking at Pitzer, we are learning about how colonialism has affected our education system and research methods. One quote stuck out to me, “Attempts to ‘indigenize’ colonial academic institutions and/or individual disciplines within them have been fraught with major struggles over what counts as knowledge.” How does this new idea of indigenizing relate to colonialism?

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