While watching Santiago Álvarez’s Now and LBJ, I could not help but to be reminded of the Situationist International movement and the technique of détournement. Álvarez wanted people to understand the inequality, oppression, and manipulation of the government and media towards society. Although I found his technique simple, I also believe that that is what makes it so genius and effective. By using famous pictures that were already made available to the masses, Álvarez is able to turn the tables upside down more easily as people are more impacted by these images that have been engrained into their minds with positive messages about their rulers and the government. By rearranging the order of pictures and adding music that has either been banned in the US or that adds a dramatic flair to the piece, almost making it seem like a Greek tragedy, Álvarez is attempting to flip the minds of people by using a form of media that they are already familiar with, much like Chris Burden did with his commercials that were made to mock other commercials.


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  1. kristenhong says:

    The technique of using images people are already familiar with, is similar to repeating a chorus in a song. In a research study carried out by USC, studies showed that the more times a chorus in a song is repeated, the more popular the song will be. This is because for many of us the songs that stand out in our minds are those in which we can easily hear the same words repeating themselves over and over again in our heads.

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