I am writing this blog post late as I haven’t had enough time the past week.

In ‘Towards a Third Cinema’ Selano and Getino discuss how everything in capitalist society is masked ‘behind a screen of images and appearance’. This stood out to me as the word ‘screen’ seems ambiguous; it is not only a sort of veil but also the technology screens that are now so prevalent in our lives. We used our smartphones to to create an alternative version of our reality, a reality that many cannot live up to. There are so many ways that one can manipulate pictures or create illusions. Take for example Samsung who received a lot of backlash about introducing a ‘beauty filter’ into their cameras so you don’t even have to try to edit your images. This is obviously harmful in many ways especially in relation to self-esteem of young people who are growing up in this perfect image saturated society but it also brings into questions about hyperreality.

This idea, from postmodernism, of not being able to distinguish reality from a simulation is becoming more and more relevant as the images we see, even of ourselves, are never without some sort of technological editing. Something that really brought this into question in the mainstream media was the popularity of an instagramer @lilmiquela. She took the internet by storm with her exaggerated sim-like features and refusal to settle the debates it seems that nobody will ever know whether she is a real person or not. There are even questions about whether she is a marketing campaign for the next Sims PC game- linking back to capitalist marketing. Here is a link to her instagram for you to decide for your self:




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