One thing that stood out to me in class was when we were watching the Nixon videos and Professor Lamb said “Nixon having young people in his campaign is the equivalent of Trump having people of color in his campaign.” It’s interesting to think about this political tactic of showcasing the people who normally wouldn’t support a certain candidate. It certainly made me think about this election. I live in a very liberal part of the country, so I naturally see a lot of Hilary Clinton ads and anti-Trump ads on TV. But I’ve never actually seen a real pro Trump commercial. I was genuinely curious what a pro Trump ad looked like. Because of this and because of Professor Lamb’s intriguing comment, I wanted to search and see if Trump actually did have campaigns with people of color, women, or queer people (groups that wouldn’t normally support Trump). I did manage to find one ad that showed a couple of people of color and women. I wasn’t able to find an add with queer people in it. Despite snippets of multiple races and genders, Trump still seems to cater mostly to a white male audience. If anyone in the class finds other interesting ads along these lines, post them here cause I’m curious to see them.

Here’s the ad I found:


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  1. ariatung says:

    Even in this ad, there are only a few POC speaking, and the huge audiences at the rallies are primarily white. I think it’s definitely smart to showcase yourself with supporters who aren’t your typical supporter (for example, POC and women voting for Trump), because it “shows that there is diversity within his supporters”. But I mean, this only works if the candidate is not saying racist and sexist comments

  2. alicecmullin says:

    Here’s a link to a photo of to (presumably) white people holding “Latinos para Trump” signs. I don’t even know where to begin…

    • kristenhong says:

      This is an interesting image of a young girl holding a sign that says, “the silent majority stands with Trump.”

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