According to Marshall McLuhan, “extension” is everywhere: “the wheel is an extension of the foot; the book is an extension of the eye; clothing, an extension of the skin; electric circuity, an extension of the central nervous system”. This idea of “extension’ is indeed true but because this kind of extension is so pervasive in our life that we can’t realize its existence. Rather than always focusing on the “essential nature” of human, like “the foot”,”the eye”, “the skin” and “the nervous system”, we tend to ignore these crucial components of human communication and focus on those artificial parts, like “the wheel“, “the book”, “the clothing” and “the electric circuity”. I don’t want to be too critical towards these extensive objects because they are forming up the continuous development of human intelligence, but it is definitely true that due to these objects, we are ignoring and even forgetting the pure nature itself. Everything we invented and developed through history is extended from ourselves, from every part of our physical body and mental mind. We highlighted and intensified ourselves, developing them into artificial products. Everything we have already built up is the extension of ourselves, of man. 


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  1. palomapineda19 says:

    I like how you brought up the idea of how print and electronic media is an extension of ourselves as I think this is central concept to McLuhan’s book. McLuhan references how many of our media devices can alter our sense and perception through introducing different paces and scales.

    The transmission of information was heavily influenced and sped up by devices such as news reporting on television and and today, notifications on our cellphones about current events. As you brought up, these artificial extensions are key in identifying our close relationship with digital media.

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