When I was doing some research on The Medium is the Massage I saw that they had created an audiobook version. Being a fan of podcasts and audiobooks I thought I would give it a listen. It is interesting after class discussions about how sound is the thing that keeps people engaged with TV. The audiobook is how you imagine it to be; a mishmash of lots of different sound clips and music bites with parts of narration sort of holding it together. It sounds like a collage like the book appears to be. At times it is hard to understand what is going on but to me that only makes you listen more closely to try and follow. I think it portrays the book quite well as there are definitely times where you could be just listening to the television.

I recommend listening to the audiobook, which is available in parts on youtube, as not only is it interesting and entertaining but I feel like there is something important about appreciating the book in a different medium.

Part 1

Part 2


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  1. ddmaoz says:

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s very fitting with the book to think about how the use of a different medium to convey the same message engages the audience in such a different way. Having a physical book in your hands is widely different from listening to an audio recording. I find that with audio recordings I am much more present and engaged with the message that is being portrayed. The lack of physical and visual engagement makes it so I have to be extra attentive to the words being said. With a physical book, I find that my engagement is much slower and not as urgent since I am always able to go back to preceding pages and reread certain statements. While I appreciate the power of the book in pairing powerful statements with powerful imagery, I think that audio alone is an extremely powerful medium that it looks like many have given up on.

  2. kristenhong says:

    I really enjoy the shifting tones in the audio. The differing tones are emphasized in the audio much more than in the paperback. At one point in the audio it goes from playful music to a serious speech, expressing the writer’s feelings.

  3. emacune says:

    I think it is really powerful to both read and listen at the same time. I think that two elements come together nicely and bring more meaning to the original text by highlighting lots of the imagery with significant sounds.

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