In this video, Fox news purposefully edits and chooses interviews with Trump protesters to create the illusion that there is nothing to protest and no evidence of Trump’s prejudices. First of all, some of the people interviewed were not coherent people in general, and others were caught off guard because they didn’t have specific examples right off the bat in their heads. Another video cut away from a woman saying “um” before she could answer because she was pondering how she would answer the difficult question. By combining difficult questions, tricky detournment of video clips, and careful selection of less intelligent interviews created the image of unintelligent protesters and the illusion that there is nothing coherent to protest in Trump’s campaign, while if you look online, there are ubiquitous examples.

This reminds me of the documentation of the Republican National Convention Documentary because it demonstrates that political journalism can never be unbiased. When filmmakers have a political leaning, which everyone even if subconsciously does, it is impossible to be truly objective when creating video journalism of a political campaign.


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  1. maddieglouner says:

    This is a really good example of how nothing in the media-particularly politics- can never be totally unbiased. Sources like Fox news are notoriously conservative an tend to skew everything they report to the Right. This is why being media literate is so important. This is also a great example for as to why activist media is so necessary because the “news” that is being reported is not true news, it is ingrained with propaganda and power from corporations to sway the public.

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