After reading the articles by Gregg Bordowitz and discussing homophobia in 1980s towards gay people caused by AIDS, I was shocked by how people used to think AIDS. This kind of homophobia and ridiculous bias towards gay group is still existing within this society, but it is still quite shocking and pathetic that there were so many people being homophobic,  even including the White House. The video I shared is a audio record of President Reagan’s administration’s response to AIDS Crisis. In the video, when the administrator was asked repeatedly by the question “does the President have any response towards the AIDS? ”, he refused to answer the question directly; instead, they made AIDS a joke:  “gay plague”, “I’m relieved to here that, Larry.(doesn’t have AIDS)”,”there’s been no personal experience here”, etc. This 3-minutes long conversation is full of extremely rude, offensive and homophobic speech. Disregarding AIDS as a epidemic diseases across the country, these people were relating AIDS directly with gay people as it was a “gay plague”. It seems they didn’t care about the crisis at all, as long as it was not effecting their health and they were trying so hard to make themselves excluded from any “gay-related” affairs. It is so hard to imagine how suffering and hopeless the gay community would be. They were discriminated and excluded by the dominant group at the exact time when they need help and care. I could’t imagine how much they had been through under this circumstance and had to sacrifice for even a little more attention from the society.


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  1. ariatung says:

    I think this is still prevalent today. Maybe not as harsh as it used to be, but I think there is still this overwhelming stigma present against gay people because they will “just spread AIDS.” And a lot of people who are against gay people probably only think of gay people as people with AIDS, and that isn’t okay.

  2. maddieglouner says:

    This issue is totally still prevalent today. I think AIDS probably has the most stigma surrounding a disease. I know that the AIDS United group is trying to raise awareness about AIDS, there is a “national gay men’s HIV/AIDS awareness day” as well as a movement campaign called #prideinprevention to destigmatize AIDS and heighten awareness, but this issue and lack of awareness is a huge part of prevention problems and injustice towards the gay community.

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