Our readings on activist media brought up a lot of ideas I have learned about in the past in regard to mass media consumption and how media can so severely skew the public.The worst part about media, and particularly television news is that it is run by corporations that thrive off os what Bordowitz describes as “dominant culture”. The goal of activist media has been to break down the hegemony and tradition of primarily conservative white values, and allow for a more all-encompassing, underrepresented voice to be heard. This can come in many different forms. After our class readings on activist media and AIDS I started thinking about the 1990 film Paris Is Burning– a documentary following lives of drag queens in New York who were plagued by social injustice, disease and ostracism because they were a poor, underrepresented, minority group of queer POC. This was one of the first films to gain attention, shed some light, and build awareness for a social culture that was heavily disregarded by dominant culture, thus totally left out of mainstream media. In more modern day media, we see activist media in the form of social media platforms. Hashtags like #blacklivesmatter and Instagram accounts as platforms for social justice issues are some of the most successful ways to raise awareness for activists. Do people have any other examples of social media site activism that they see successfully raising awareness?


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  1. emacune says:

    Mainstream media definitely skews narratives. The documentary, How to Survive a Plague, completely skews the truth and portrays the white narrative as the only narrative.

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