This week in class we discussed activist videos particularly in reference to AIDs awareness. Bordowitz mentioned ACT UP a group advocating for action on the AIDs crisis and so I would look into what other groups were around. In this TEDtalk singer Annie Lennox discusses her devotion to her SING campaign. It is directed towards helping women and children who are greatly affected by AIDs. She became an activist after being at a conference held by Nelson Mandela some years ago. Her campaign not only raises awareness but also funds to help those suffering from HIV and AIDs in Africa.  Check out her TEDtalk here.


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  1. kristenhong says:

    I think the shirt Lennox is wearing sends a very powerful message and can spark a productive discussion. I hope she is able to spread her message and raise money and awareness for her cause.

  2. palomapineda19 says:

    I like that you linked a TED Talk as I think this is one of the greatest platforms to both raise awareness about an issue while also reaching a wide audience. I really enjoyed Annie Lenox’s talk, and as Kristen noted, her shirt sends a very strong message.

    I was interested in seeing other celebrities who were HIV/AIDS activists and I found many websites showing the actions of individuals like Madonna and Bono for raising money for AIDS Activism. This website lists a few:

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