After talking last week about the HIV/AIDS epidemic, I decided that I wanted to look closer and see how and if things have changed. This article proves otherwise. The health law prohibits health insurers from discriminating against HIV positive patients, but health insurers make the drugs HIV patients need unavailable of unaffordable. This can discourage patients from seeking the treatment are essential for their health. This also often happens with chronically ill patients.


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  1. carlywinant says:

    It’s awful that there is still so much inequality and discrimination within our healthcare system. It’s no wonder people still feel there’s a stigma around HIV and illness, because the law enforces that idea! No one should have to sit back and let their health deteriorate because of money and/or accessibility.

  2. krystalyiranli says:

    I just don’t understanding why there are still so much discriminations towards HIV patients. These patients need the most help from the government, but the government is actually discriminating against them. The government should definitely be responsible of the discrimination towards HIV/AIDS patients existing in this society.

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