Once I finished reading Gregg Bordowitz, Operative Assumptions, Resolutions, DIVA TV and AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP).  I thought about my generation and what are some main media collectives that are present and are working. I thought of two, BLM (Black Lives Matter) and #FINISHIT. But I mostly thought of #FINISHIT, which I feel is entirely started by our generation and is changing the rest of America pretty drastically.

This #FINISHIT was started by the younger generations in a larger campaign called “Truth” which is aimed at stoping youth smoking in the United States. The Campaign is produced and funded by the American Legacy Foundation, which is a public nonprofit organization established in 1999, most of their ads were just basic anti-tobacco smoking ads on TV and online. It wasn’t until 2014, when a group of young people part of the campaign redesigned its approach to encourage youth to be the generation that ends smoking. They then created the hashtag #FinishIt which was not only all over TV, but also well distributed on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram which targeted a much wider audience and had a stronger effect on the youth smoking culture.




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  1. kristenhong says:

    Campaigns like these are very effective because of the younger generation’s relationship with social media. It would be really interesting to also see statistics or hard evidence to see the direct effect of this campaign.

  2. krystalyiranli says:

    The “Truth” is really using social media as their major tool and let more younger people participate in their events in order to reduce youth smoking in US. I think what really impresses me is that this media campaign is started by a youth group themselves. Apparently, it is time for more people from the younger generation to participate in these media campaign, especially using social media as a effective medium and tool.

  3. trophynation says:

    I was shocked when I saw their ad about smoking causing a pay gap. While smoking and lower pay are related, I didn’t see any actual evidence that smoking CAUSES lower pay. Did you?

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