The readings form this past week had me thinking a lot about the present day and how the relationship between film/produced television from old broadcast companies and community created television like that of the Paper Tigers from the late 1900’s Parallel the present day relationship between Television and the internet. I’d like to note specifically what Gregg Bordowitz had said in his paper “Operative Assumptions”. Bordowitz stated “There is a distinct difference between the production of commercial television and the community-based production of television. The latter is produced by ¬†disenfranchised groups who are not recognized, or are recognized in limited ways, on dominant television.” (176) I found this passage very important as it also describes the new community of people that found YouTube and the internet as a very viable place to create content for the public that isn’t controlled by the heads of the television industry. Anyone is capable of creating media on the internet just as people were able to when the first consumer video cameras were created and sold to the public. Over the last few years we’ve seen a very strong shift to Internet site for entertainment but only recently has the Internet Succeeded television in number of views and being the most watched media outlet by the younger generations of people. It’s interesting to see this shift in just a short amount of time and how television has reacted to that shift (Looking at Jimmy Fallon and the other night shows specifically). The video gives little more insight into this topic as well as the other links included.


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  1. oliviaklugman says:

    I was just thinking about this! All the articles we read say that television broadcasting reaches the widest audience possible, but I think YouTube’s popularity is changing this. How can people utilize online strategies through YouTube to help their videos reach the widest audience possible?

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